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'Steampunk' Clock


The concept for this clock is based on the Steampunk era - a fantasy period of architectural style, heavily influenced by art nouveau and explored in some depth by H. G. Wells and Jules Verne - set in Victorian England where steam power is dominant and mechanical devices are well advanced.

The clock is built around a high quality German eight-day weight-driven Westminster Chimes movement, built at least 50 years ago but most likely in the 1920's by the renowned Winterhalter and Hoffmeier Company. The movement has been overhauled by Richard Thomas, an experienced clockmaker and repairer in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The stained glass is all hand cut and built by Charmaine Vizor of Piranha Glass who has invested much time in honing the design to give the 'face' a precise expression. Future projects in collaboration with Charmaine are already on the drawing board.


The steel elements of the clock need to support a great deal of weight and link a complex series of functions whilst remaining elegant and true to the concept. All the ironwork is forged using traditional techniques and can be completely dismantled.

Other materials have been exploited where they more suitable than steel. Lead flashing is rolled around the supports for the driving weights - steel weights would have needed to be 700 mm long to supply the same drive! Aluminium tubes have been used for the chimes, tuned to the traditional Westminster notes and play a different tune on each quarter hour. Larger diameter copper pipes have been used to strike the hour, giving a warm resonant note.

Some of the materials have been polished, some left raw and some left in their current state of decay to blend or emphasise them.

The whole of the design is intended to allow maximum observation of its moving elements.