Keith Thomas - Blacksmith Logo flourish
Contemporary steel crafted with timeless technology

The Smithy at Dunnington in Warwickshire is a traditional forge using hand operated bellows and locally sourced charcoal to minimise environmental impact.

The forge has a long history of blacksmithing and farriery and is once again host to the ancient art of blacksmithing.

All the objects crafted in the forge are wrought from iron entirely by hand using no powered machinery. This ethos delivers unique items that feature novel design and traditional jointing methods.

The charcoal used in the hearth is supplied by Jeremy Hunt of Countryside Services near Wellesbourne, using ash from nearby Snitterfield.

The traditional Victorian bellows supply the air that fans the flames. Although more effort is required, the fire is extremely controllable and consumes less fuel and the only noise comes from the roar of the flames (and the ring of the hammer on the anvil!)

Keith specialises in stylish functional items drawing influence from traditional design, Victorian and Art Nouveau periods.

A range of items are available and bespoke objects can be designed and crafted by commission.

Keith works with Charmaine Vizor of Piranha Glass on projects exploring the combination of stained glass and forged steel, such as the award-winning Steampunk clock.